Green Revolving Loan Fund

gbsc-logoEnvisioned by a team of passionate students and implemented by Dartmouth sustainability and facilities staff, the $1M Green Revolving Fund launched in winter 2013.

Green revolving funds finance energy efficiency projects and then reinvest the resulting savings in future projects. The reason they are called “revolving funds” is because the funds loan money to specific projects, which then repay the loan through an internal account transfer from savings achieved in the institution’s utilities budget.

To date, Dartmouth’s revolving fund has financed $900,000 of efficiency projects, the savings from which are already regenerating the fund for the next round of investment. In addition to major efficiency projects originating within Facilities and Operations, there is a $100,000 Community Fund component for projects proposed by Dartmouth students, faculty, and staff.



For information on other campus projects related to energy and sustainability, please visit the Dartmouth Sustainability Office.